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Our Successful Students :

Aneet Singh (Senior MIS Executive, Barclays, Noida)

I am really thankful to Mukesh Sir, who is the epitome of knowledge and inspiration for me. The real digital horizon of my mind is nothing but a result of an efficient training provided by Excel Guru. I am really happy to be a part of it. Oh! Such a great institute!

Pradeep Upreti (MIS Executive, Exl Services, Noida)

I was so confused in finding out a correct institute, when I decided to learn Advance excel. Luckily, I landed up in Excel Guru, where I found excellent learning environment and teachers who became my mentors.

Pradeep Viswakarma (Sr. Manager, W3webinfotech)

After joining Excel Guru, my career got the correct direction as I realized that Advance excel and this institute in particular has lots to offer in terms of career growth and learning curve.

Vikrant Goel (Senior Executive, Wipro)

  • I always wanted to make MIS as my career choice. However, I did not know how to make a start. Then, I joined Excel Guru to learn the variety of courses it provides. I did not know that I would have such good time while learning this course. I am satisfied that I made the best choice I could make.

    praveen mishra (Assistant Manager, Netambit)

  • I would like to express my gratitude towards Excel Guru as it really helped me in learning about Advance excels. Now I can use my deep knowledge which I gained from Excel Guru. I am now working with a reputed company and I am very happy that I made the correct choice of joining Excel Guru.

    Aditya Sharma (Senior Executive, Hindustan Times)

  • I would really like to thank Mukesh Sir, who gave me the right advice. She became my mentor and helped me a lot. I am happy that I joined Excel Guru and found her.

    Mahesh Yadav  (Executive, TATA Business Service)

  • I was unable to give a proper direction to my career as I did not take any professional course in my graduation. Therefore, the options I was left with were only limited to BPO’s and call centers. I could not understand how to save myself from the hectic night shift jobs. Luckily, I found extremely talented people in Excel Guru, who not only helped me in building up my skills but also in finding out a good job for me. I would happily recommend Excel Guru to everyone who wants to learn about Advance Excel.

    Corporate MIS Training

    Advanced Excel in Corporate World

    MS Excel spread sheet is very common these days. In any MIS environment standard reports are generated by advanced function of MS Excel , for comparing actual performance with original budget, hence user can learn the MIS drafting and analyzing by joining MIS training which mainly deals with advanced MS Excel and its applicability, during the MIS training our focus remains on the following area:-

    1. Various MIS technique in Advanced Excel VBA Programming
    2. Data handling in MIS Reports
    3. Reporting and Formatting
    4. Fundamentals of data handling, MIS, EXCEL

    MIS – Management Information System experts are required for every sector of the economy as well for every industry, there are various reports and information’s that Management of an organization looks for, managers are required to prepare those reports using various functions and formulas available in MS excel spreadsheets however many times managers do feel lack of knowledge and understanding how to use advanced excel commands. Most of the topics mentioned are covered under advanced excel course has however excel has huge potential and the learning process is limitless and it takes years of practice to have full fledge mastering on the subject. This MIS Course fulfill this gap by offering quality training.

    What are user’s Defined Functions? How to create & use them. Form Controls vs. ActiveX Controls Getting into the Code MsgBox and Input Box Working with Data in Excel.

    Data types in excel worksheets, like dates, texts, and nulls etc. Working with  workbooks, worksheets, ranges and cells etc.

    Working with dynamic ranges. Protecting worksheets, cells and ranges. Working with multiple files.

    Opening & saving files introduction to user forms

    Working with user forms & user forms events

    User form controls

    How to use data validation in the control

    Use of text box, label, drop down, list box, image box

    What is the use of message box in VBA

    Searching data into to the database and finding records from the database

    Connecting VBA to outlook

    Sending email to multiple users through VBA

    How to establish connection between VBA and internet explorer to open any internet website through VBA

    Data validation & input restrictions effective coding

    Testing and debugging your code

    Effective error handling

    Automation development report& live project


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    Famous for his unique method of teaching, cover the entire topic deeply and have faith in the real scenario only. He is passionate about Data Analytics and Visualization. His Training modules are specially designed to meet the day to day challenges faced by individuals in today's corporate world involving various departments (Operations, MIS, WFM, BSS, Finance, Human Resources, and Quality)
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