Comparison Between Ms Excel 2003 Vs Ms Excel 2007

Excel 2003 VsĀ  2007 Comparison

Features Excel 2003 Excel 2007
Number of Rows 65,536 1,048,576
Number of Columns 256 16,384
Number of Colors 56 4.3 Billion
Number of Conditional formats per Cell 3 Unlimited
Number of Level Sorting 3 64
Number of Level Undo 16 100
Number of Item shown in Auto filter Drop down 1,000 10,000
Total Number of characters that can display in a cell 1,000 10,000
Maximum no of characters in a Formula 1,000 8,000
Number of Unique styles in a workbook 4,000 64,000
Number of levels of Nesting in formula’s 7 64
Number of If’s Conditions 7 64
Maximum Number of Function Arguments 30 255
Amount of Memory Used 1 G bytes Maximum allowed by Windows
File Extensions .Xls .xlsx /.xlsm /.xlsb

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