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Aneet Singh (Senior MIS Executive, Barclays, Noida)

I am really thankful to Mukesh Sir, who is the epitome of knowledge and inspiration for me. The real digital horizon of my mind is nothing but a result of an efficient training provided by Excel Guru. I am really happy to be a part of it. Oh! Such a great institute!

Pradeep Upreti (MIS Executive, Exl Services, Noida)

I was so confused in finding out a correct institute, when I decided to learn Advance excel. Luckily, I landed up in Excel Guru, where I found excellent learning environment and teachers who became my mentors.

Pradeep Viswakarma (Sr. Manager, W3webinfotech)

After joining Excel Guru, my career got the correct direction as I realized that Advance excel and this institute in particular has lots to offer in terms of career growth and learning curve.

Vikrant Goel (Senior Executive, Wipro)

  • I always wanted to make MIS as my career choice. However, I did not know how to make a start. Then, I joined Excel Guru to learn the variety of courses it provides. I did not know that I would have such good time while learning this course. I am satisfied that I made the best choice I could make.

    praveen mishra (Assistant Manager, Netambit)

  • I would like to express my gratitude towards Excel Guru as it really helped me in learning about Advance excels. Now I can use my deep knowledge which I gained from Excel Guru. I am now working with a reputed company and I am very happy that I made the correct choice of joining Excel Guru.

    Aditya Sharma (Senior Executive, Hindustan Times)

  • I would really like to thank Mukesh Sir, who gave me the right advice. She became my mentor and helped me a lot. I am happy that I joined Excel Guru and found her.

    Mahesh Yadav  (Executive, TATA Business Service)

  • I was unable to give a proper direction to my career as I did not take any professional course in my graduation. Therefore, the options I was left with were only limited to BPO’s and call centers. I could not understand how to save myself from the hectic night shift jobs. Luckily, I found extremely talented people in Excel Guru, who not only helped me in building up my skills but also in finding out a good job for me. I would happily recommend Excel Guru to everyone who wants to learn about Advance Excel.

    Basic MIS Training

    Basic & Advance Excel Objective:

    What is Excel?

    Microsoft Excel is a general purpose electronic spreadsheet to use to organize, calculate, and analyze data. The task you can complete with Excel ranges from preparing a simple family budget, preparing a purchase order, create an elaborate graph/chart, or managing a complex accounting ledger for a medium size business Provide Basic/Advanced Understanding of Excel, make user familiar to create formula and give platform to make good analysis and introduce Powerful tools of advance excel so that user can make advance analysis with the help of those tools.

    1). Introduction to Excel, Basic Understanding Menu and Toolbar.

    2). Introduction to different category of functions like Basics, Mathematical and Statistical, Date and Time, Logical, Lookup and References, Text and Information.

    3). Sum,Count, Conta, Count blank, Average, Max, Large Min, Abs, Sum if, Count if, Sum ifs, Count ifs, Lowers, Upper, Proper, Trim, Len, Left, Right, Mid,

    4). Concatenate, Subtotal,And, Or, Day, Year, Eo month, E date, Net workdays, Today, Weekday, Week number, Workday, Find,Search, V-lookup, H-lookup, Match, Ifferror, Ifna, If, Index, Offset.

    5).  Filters (Basic, Advanced, Conditional), Sort (Ascending, Descending, Cell/ Font Color), Single and Multiple Charts/Graphs, Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Group & Ungroup, Data split.

    6.) Pivot Table and Chart, Import and Export data, Protect/Unprotect sheets/workbooks. Worksheet formatting and Print Display.

    Prevent wrong Decisions using Excel Tables

    1. Introduction to Excel Tables

    2. Power of Excel Tables

    3. Time saving features of Excel tables

    4. Calculation logic of excel tables

    Charts in Excel

    1. Elements of Charts

    2. Major charts used in Industry

    The Power of Pivot Tables

    1. Pivot Table Creating methods

    2. Rearranging a Pivot Tables

    3. Filtering Pivot Table Data

    4. Performing Custom calculation

    5. Creating dynamic Dashboards using Slicer

    6. Consolidating multiple sheets in less than a minute

    7. Creating multiple sheets in a single click using Pivot

    Data Filtering Techniques

    1. Data Filtering Techniques

    2. Introduction to Auto Filter

    3. Challenges in Auto Filter

    4. Power of Advance Filter

    5. Complex calculations based filter

    6. Filter using Wild Cards

    7. Analyzing data with What-If Analysis

    8. Introduction to What-If Analysis

    9. Determine unknown with Goal-Seek

    10. Analyze Data with Data Table

    11. Enable Decision making using Solver

    12. View results with Scenario Manager

    13. Summarizing Data using Subtotal

    14. Introduction to Subtotal

    15. Logic behind subtotal

    16. Calculations in Subtotal

    17. Sparkline for Data Trends

    18. Introduction to Sparkline

    19. Types of Sparkline in Excel

    Conditional Formatting

    Beyond Simple Conditional Formats ●Basing Conditions On A Formula And Deciding Whether A Batsman Is Out Or Not

    ●Choose Currency Symbols For A Whole Sheet By Changing A Single Cell

    ●Getting Your Rules In The Right Order And Knowing When To Stop

    ●Graphical Conditional Formats – The Detailed Options

    ●Using Invisibility To Your Advantage

    Data Validation

    Extended Uses of Data Validation

    ● working with Validation Formulae

    ● Lists and Lists That Depend on Other List Selections

    ● Other Methods of Tracking down Invalid Entries WHAT IF?

    Using Excel to help you make decisions

    ● Use Goal Seek to find where you need to start to get where you need to go

    ● Use an Excel Data Table to calculate dozens of possible outcomes

    ● Create and manage alternative scenarios

    ● Make more profit or incur less expense by using Excel Solver to identify the best solution SPARKLINES
    In-cell charts – showing 12 times as much information in the same amount of space

    ● Careful with that Axis

    ● The different types of Sparkline: lines, columns and win loss

    ● Sparkline based on a dynamic data range

    Working With External Data –

    Getting at your data using the Get External Data tools

    ● Understand relational database

    ● Excel 2013 Data Model create relationships within Excel

    Advanced Uses of Pivot tables –

    Use advanced pivot table techniques to do more with your data

    ● Calculated Fields and Calculated items

    ● Using pivot tables as the calculation engine behind management Excel 2010 and 2013 Slicers and Timelines – make your pivot tables more interactive

    ● Working with Pivot Charts

    ● Building and interactive dashboard using pivot tables and Slicers


    The Excel 2010 and 2013 Power Pivot add-in ●Power Pivot data tools REPORTING WITH POWERPIVOT

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